Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Supanova 2012 - Sydney

This year we (again) attended Supanova - the pop culture expo. We lovingly call it 'Nerd Convention'. It's basically Australia's version of Comic-Con. Every year it features a billion (slight exaggeration) stands full of merchandise, comics, TV memorabilia, clothes, costumes & accessories. Plus loads of people dressed up in hilarious/elaborate/creepy costumes! Its great fun :)

Above were the 'Yip Yips' from sesame street! The orange one was my best friend Monique's little brother - everyone thought they were fantastic & they were constantly surrounded by a group of people with cameras!

We thought this stall should win something for a great choice of name!

This year my little sister Bree joined us. She came as Hermione and I thought she looked absolutely fantastic! But we share genes so I'm totally biased.

I have no idea if this guy bought or made his Iron Man suit -- but he looked seriously awesome.

Our most favourite part of the day is always the celebrity seminars. And the best of all years was Natalia Tena this year. I am now officially in love with her. She was so warm, friendly, candid & cheerful that she put a smile on every face in the room. Natalia Tena is best known for her roles as Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter and Osha in Game of Thrones. She is also the lead singer (and accordion player!) in the band Molotov Jukebox.

We couldn't help but laugh when she told the story of wanting to be 'authentic' in her nude scenes in Game of Thrones by growing out her 'muff'... unfortunately she didn't get enough notice and couldn't grow the required amount of pubic hair for her own liking, she said given the chance she would have tried to find a super bushy mirkin to properly reflect the cold climate woman of the time! lol.

We also attended the author Matthew Rilley's seminar -- he was SO funny and truly entertaining. Dale loves his books and I am now keen to grab a few & give them a read. He claimed it all started by wanting to write a modern day Indiana Jones story to encourage young people to read, how super awesome is that!

Dale loved this guys costume - he's an aliens fan through and through. Personally it was a touch too creepy for me!

There were loads of Star Wars costumes (obviously) but this guy was cool. This year there were about 50 slutty Leia's floating around (most of them not so great in the looks department... awkward). 

Before heading home we popped into the cafe for a bite to eat. We were all buggered from walking around in the big crowds all day so it was nice to stop and eat. Dale got the calamari, I ordered chicken nuggets & Brianna went with her all time favourite - any kind of chicken burger haha.

If you attended Supanova this year - let me know what you loved/hated. If you haven't been before I would recommend you check it out! The seminars/one-on-one's are definitely worth  the $30 ticket to the expo :)

Sunny xx

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