Sunday, 17 June 2012

Change is Good!

Hello gorgeous people! I hope your week has been spectacular and if you are in Sydney, I hope you didn't drown from the bazillion litres of rain we all had to slodge through this past week (slodge is totally a word now, FYI).  Just thought I'd pop you a note to let you know that we're making a change here at The Life of Sunny - we've merged with our sister blog Sugar by Sunny!

What does this mean to me Sunny? This means that now you can find all my adventures in one fantastical place. It also means that all my previous posts on Sugar by Sunny will be merged across to The Life of Sunny so you can access just about all of them through the 'Food' tag.

We predict all my cooking adventures to be fully merged across by this time next week. If you haven't visited Sugar by Sunny before I would highly recommend you have a flick through the 'Food' tag next time you visit!

Love Sunny xx

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