Friday, 1 June 2012

How To Make A Baby Blanket

So many people I know are having babies. If there is something in the water, I'm making sure I only drink bottled. But whilst babies are not in my immediate plans, I am always struck by the desire to give the new parent something to both commemorate their new addition to the family and to congratulate them on passing the agony of childbirth!

A great way to do that is to make them a baby blanket! What you'll need: Knitted squares (sometimes called Granny Squares), thread in a colour that matches the blanket, scissors and a needle. If you don't know how to knit, you can learn online (what did we all do before google?!) with relative ease - YouTube has some great tutorials that take you through it quite effectively. The squares above were done by casting on 39 stitches & casting off when it was a square-ish rectangle (I'm just so precise & scientific aren't I...).

Coffee was a very important ingredient considering I did this first thing in the morning. Dale recently brought over his coffee machine to live at my house & in only a couple of months I have gone from coffee novice to fanatical convert. I imagine this is how celebrities feel about scientology. Anyway, lets get back on topic...

Grab your squares and lay them out in the pattern you want for your blanket. I knitted blue & white squares for a simple patchwork pattern. At the same time, use the scissors to tidy up the loose threads. Once you've laid out the squares to your liking, thread your needle & sew those babies together. Try to sew on the same side of the blanket to keep it uniform. Hey presto - you're done!

Remember - always hand wash & never tumble dry.  Package your blanket in some tissue paper & place in a big box with a beautiful bow on the outside. I find it a good idea to pop a sheet of fabric softener in the box to give the blanket a subtle scent.

I'm thinking my next blanket will be crocheted together to create a blanket border. I'll be sure to show you how as soon as I figure it out myself! Let me know your brilliant ideas for baby blankets or other baby gifts! At the rate people are pro-creating I'll need the help! Sunny xx

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