Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Emma's Birthday Blanket

On our trip to Spotlight a few weekends ago I told my youngest sister Emma that she could pick any colours she wanted & I would make her a birthday blanket. Well, she chose purple & green (to symbolise her love of Slytherin & Ravenclaw -- it's a Harry Potter thing) & I have started making her blanket - to me the colours scream 'The Incredible Hulk' so now when we talk about it someone always throws in a "HULK SMASH!" reference!

I'm using a 10mm hook and acrylic yarn (my family doesn't do hand washing) and it's looking fantastic, I love the vibrancy of the colours (is that a word? vibrancy? probably not.... but we'll all just suspend our belief for a minute). It's going to be great considering my parents house gets FREEZING cold in winter, it will make a cozy blanket for the end of her bed. My love of crochet is going strong it seems!

Oh I almost forgot to mention, I'm using single crochet for the whole blanket, simple but effective!

Sunny xx

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