Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sally Hansen's 'Salon Effects' Nail Strips

When I was young my mother (otherwise known as The Mothership) made her living as a beautician and nail artist. Because of this, I have a bit of an unusual approach to nails. I prefer the edgy, detailed & skillful paint jobs not commonly utilised by most. Unfortunately my corporate job keeps me in line & I generally stick with a french polish or my standard bright red or hot pink polish.

So when I saw Sally Hansen's new 'Salon Effects' nail polish strips I knew I had to try them. They are little printed strips of adhesive that are slightly stretchy so you can mould them to your nail. They come in a wide range of colours/patterns which are super adorable.

I went for the 'Animal Instinct' which is a pink zebra stripe that is super cute. The pack cost me $14.50 from Priceline but I'm pretty sure that  you can get them cheap from eBay or by using other brands. They give you 14 in a pack in different sizes so you can match them as close as possible to your natural nail. I found them pretty easy to use, if you misplace them on the nail you can just peel it off and try again. I had to stretch mine a little here & there as I have acrylic nails but most would find them perfectly shaped.

Once you have it perfectly placed, you simply file off the ends & secure the sticker around the cuticle with the nail file & cuticle pusher that come in the pack. You don't have to, but for the added protection I gave mine a top coat with a clear polish. Here is a picture of mine after I finished them! I am quite fond of the result considering the minimal amount of effort that it takes.

Overall, I give them a thumbs up (especially if the price drops down!). The package says they should last for about 10 days but I'll let you know how mine go. I'll also take a picture in the daylight so you can really get a feel for the colour.

Happy nail art! Sunny xx

NOTE 14th May 2012:  I found mine lasted the 10 days (and would have lasted longer if I hadn't taken them off today). I gave mine a top coat every second or third day to give them shine & received loads of compliments about them!

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