Monday, 28 May 2012

Mother's Day High Tea

Mother’s day means the same for most of us. If you live with your Mum then you wake up early, make her breakfast & give her a gift (mostly a home-made one until you have a job & can afford a bunch of flowers!). If you don’t live with your Mum, you go visit her bearing gifts & hugs.

This year for Mother’s Day I hosted a high tea for my Mum, Step-Dad & siblings. I love high tea & would host one every weekend if I could find the time! Something about loads of finger food, tea (or in this case iced tea) and great company that fills my heart with sparkles & excitement! I figured having something at my house was also a good idea because it means there is no clean-up for Mum at home.

For high tea I made - egg finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini quiches, chicken Kiev balls, fairy bread cut into tiny stars & hearts, mini caramel tarts, lemon meringue pies, mini lemon tarts, scones with strawberry jam and cream & chocolate drizzled potato chips. To drink was my secret iced tea recipe (which I'll share with you eventually!) and a jug of Appletini's.

I quickly made little place cards to show everyone where to sit using some thick letter paper, writing my family's names using a felt tip pen & sticking a small flower sticker on it. Other decorative elements included attaching lady bugs to the glasses using strong double sided tape, garnishing each water glass with a retro paper straw and a slice of lemon & rimming the cocktail glasses with green sugar.
Mum & my sisters dig in to the food!

I kept it as simple as possible, I wanted everyone to have a great time & I find that if the hostess is stressed everyone can sense it! Dale & I spent the morning vacuuming and doing all those other little things you do before family visits. I did most of the cooking the day before & just had to assemble on the day.

You can see my living room in the background of this picture - lets just say I'm a fan of white! Also, on the wall behind Emma are the three canvas photo transfers I made earlier in the year, dont they look fantastic!

I hope all of you had a fantastic Mother's Day - especially the Mothers reading this!

Sunny xx

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