Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mini Caramel Tarts

These are a great treat to bring to a picnic, high tea or morning tea. I make these either as the mini way seen below, or with store bought shortcrust pastry cups (from the frozen section of your supermarket).


1/2 can Nestle Top'n'fill
2 sheets shortcrust pastry (or pre-bought pastry shells)
Canola oil spray
Flake crumbs (optional)


1. Preheat your oven to 180C. Spay a mini muffin tray with canola oil spray.

2. Cut pastry sheets into 12 squares. Slightly stretch each square and place into a mini muffin hole. Use a knife to cut around any edges to make perfect little cups - or leave as is if you want a more rustic look. Repeat with remaining pastry.

3. Prick bottom of pastry rounds and place in oven. Cook until golden. Remove and set aside until completely cool. If you rush this step the caramel will melt & leak all over!

4. Place caramel into a small mixing bowl. Whisk until smooth (it may take a minute or two). Using a teaspoon, place caramel into cooled pastry shells. Serve immediately, or later that day.

Sunny xx

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