Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Knitting Up A Storm

Lately I've been in knitting hyperdrive (it's a step higher than overdrive). I've been creating something for a very special person which is going to take me quite some time. I've also finally gotten around to finishing a baby blanket for a dear friend & her new arrival. It seems many projects get put on the back burner to make way for the new, exciting things that pop up in my imagination but I am determined to finish my next big knitting project before my birthday in September.

So much so, that I've even started carrying it around in my bag & knitting during rainy indoor lunches. The above bag ( from Love Libby) was given to me by my gorgeous friend Soosan for Christmas last year. Its the perfect size for my ball of yearn, needles and scissors & slips inside my bag easily. I absolutely love it!

Plus, knitting is a great way to spend a cold night whilst watching TV & cuddling up to your loved one!

Sunny xx

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