Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fun With Jelly Lenses!

Everyone has been talking about jelly lenses lately & I was very eager to see what the fuss was about. Jelly lenses are tiny little lenses you stick to your iPhone camera lens & then just snap snap snap! I take all my blog pictures on my iPhone so any way to avoid the editing step would be a win!

For $5 I bought 3 sets from eBay - the red heart/blue filter lens combo, the polarized lens & the star burst lens.  I took a few pictures at my local train station so you could see the effects on a plain picture.

Here is the picture without any filters:

Lens #1 - Red Heart: This one was pretty cool, although you cant really see the heart shape. However, this is probably the lens I will use most as none of my editing apps offer anything similar! I like the orangy border that fades to red, it gives the picture some punch!

Lens #2 - Blue Filter: This one didn't ring my bell in any way, it gives the picture a blue/green tint but its nothing you cant get from holding a piece of cellophane over the camera.

Lens #3 - Star Burst: I liked this one a lot! I like how the border makes the surrounding picture look like its moving. This one will be great to play with when focusing the picture on one person - so many ideas bubbling around in my head!

Lens #4 - Polarized: This one will be great when taking photos that have a lot of glare in them (like shop windows etc) but for everyday life it wasn't so great.

All in all I think for the price they were fun to play around with, but on a practical level they aren't so convenient to keep sticking onto your phone every time you want to take a picture! But hey, buy a set & make up your own mind :) Sunny xx

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