Saturday, 14 April 2012

What’s in my Handbag - Cambridge Satchel

I get a LOT of questions about my purple Cambridge Satchel Company satchel (See here & here for my other articles about the satchel) – and quite a few of them are based on what fits inside it & what I carry around on a day-to-day basis.

Well – here is a breakdown on exactly what I lug around! The contents are as follows:

1. My purple Dell netbook, its tiny enough to carry around easily & big enough to fulfil all my blogging, photo organising & word processing needs.

My day-to-day planner. I used to always get a black planner & this year I went all out & bought a pink one with white polka dots. It has everything an obsessive organiser like me needs.

Whichever book I am currently reading – at the moment its Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie.

My purple Nikon CoolPix camera – since buying an iPhone it doesn’t get anywhere near as much use, but for night time photography it’s the only option!

A first aid kit – well sort of, it has tissues, band aids & all manner of quick-fixes.

5 gum. Because bad breath isn’t cool.

My entertainment book coupons – I divide them into locations & put them into individual baggies – that way I am always prepared & get super-mega value! A rubber band around them & they sit in my bag awaiting the next delicious meal.

My iPhone cases – I alternate between a blue calculator case & a pink cassette tape case – both jelly cases so I don’t break my phone every single time I drop it!

My coin purse made out of studded leather.

A container with hair bands and bobby pins (for those sunny days that turn disastrous with rain & all manner of fuzzy-hair inducing weather!).

iPod & headphones – for when my phone is almost out of battery.

My wallet.

Coconut sunscreen – because I don’t take chances when it comes to the Australian sun. Also, you can use it as a moisturiser, to tame fly-a-ways or as a perfume replacement (coconut scent is so essentially summer!).

Here is a picture of all of the above placed in the satchel -

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my purse! Feel free to leave any questions you have about the satchels holding capacity in the comments.

Happy weekend! Sunny xx


GG said...

Hi! Lovely blog u have here... Purple is my favourite colour too, and I was thinking of getting a Cambridge satchel bag in that colour. I was wondering about the interiori of the bag though - does it come with a full zip, inner compartments etc.? Thanks in advance!

Sunnylicious... said...

Hi GG, unfortunately there are no compartments other than the main pocket & the smaller front pocket, neither of them zipped. However, I have never had anything fall out of the bag the whole time I've had it (& I carry a whole lot of random small stuff around!). I hope that helps! Sunny xx