Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Royal Sydney Easter Show 2012

I hadn't been to the Easter Show in about 5 years but this year seemed as good a time as any to get back on the band wagon! The Royal Sydney Easter Show is a Fair/Carnival that runs every year over Easter. The highlights are show bags, rides, carnival food, live entertainment & livestock competitions. Its a Sydney institution that has been running for as long as I remember!

This year Dale & I went at night time (tickets are half price after 5pm) and were accompanied by my mum & sister.

The most exciting part: Showbags! I bought the Cleo bag (the Madison bag was sold out *sad face*) and here is what it contains: a billion samples and coupons such as cocoa butter, shampoo, conditioner & laundry powder (really? haha), A Boca energy drink, lip gloss/mascara combo, black kohl eyeliner, tampons (again, really?), White Glo toothpaste, rimmel nail polish, quaker honey & nut cookies, an issue of Shop magazine, an issue of Cleo magazine & an issue of NW magazine (the NW will go straight to my mum, I'm not a fan of tabloids) and last of all a make up bag (which I intend to use to cart around my gym toiletries) all inside this Cleo bowling bag.

Other bags we bought: Dale bought the PC powerplay bag full of computer geek related goods. My sister bought the Willy Wonka bag & we bought two of my siblings the Zappo bag & the Warheads bag.

It sounds lame, but I love pluto pups (also known as dagwood dogs or battered sav's). They are a frankfurt covered in batter & deep fried. Then dipped in tomato sauce & eaten in seconds! Buying one marks the start of the Easter Show & it's our own little piece of corny family tradition! We also tried the cheese on a stick which whilst deep fried, isn't anywhere near as good as a pluto pup.

The Haunted Hotel made us laugh because there were dozens of young teenage girls squealing from both inside and outside the ride! A man in a 'Jason' costume kept poking his head & chainsaw out of the window but we weren't quick enough to snap a picture.

Brianna scours the Easter Show iPhone app for the location of the Temporary Tattoo Booth

My little sister Brianna spent the whole time looking out for the airbrush tattoo stall so she could trial the small music note she wants for her 18th birthday. Eventually we found it after getting lost a couple times & she got her $7 tattoo that only lasts 1 week! Personally, I'll stick to the Chanel temporary tattoos!

Dale & I pose for a quick picture before buying our showbags!

We love the flying chairs (mostly because I love heights but hate roller coasters!) but these flying chairs that go up about 30 metres in the air were far too scary for me!

All in all, it was a fantastic night! I will definitely be back next year, but perhaps during the day so we can pat the cute ducklings!

Sunny xx

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