Sunday, 1 April 2012

How to Make Magnetic Pegs

After making my magnetic spice jars, I had loads of offcuts of magnetic adhesive left. I hate wasting good materials so I scoured my cupboards for anything I would want to make magnetic. I found a bag of pegs I bought for $1 before I moved in and thought they would make great magnets, especially for holding photos and documents.

I originally bought them with hopes that I would have a clothes line to hang clothes on, but alas, my apartment does not!

To make the pegs, simply cut out the magnetic paper into strips the same size as one side of the peg. Peel off the adhesive and stick to the back of the peg. Press firmly to make sure it sticks. Now decorate the front however you like - I used my label off-cuts and decorated with our initials, love hearts & playing card symbols.

They look absolutely marvelous on the fridge! I used mine to hold up our vodka cocktail sheet, photo booth pictures & post cards from my BFF. I liked them so much that I made a set for my family using their initials & love hearts.

Happy crafting! Sunny xx

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