Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Monday Picnic!

Don't these caramel tarts look delicious? They were made by my Auntie Bea (she's also a contributor over at The Family Room) and were absolutely delicious! I was so glad she brought them to our Easter family picnic at Wahroonga park on Monday. We were worried the good weather we've been enjoying over Easter would end in a blaze of glory (otherwise known as the thunderstorms & hail that came down on Sunday night) but we walked outside Monday morning and it was nothing but blue skies & sunshine!

I made egg sandwiches (my Sister & Mothership's favourite) which were gone in an instant and my Vegan Chocolate Cake. We sat around on our picnic blankets & soaked up the UV rays (wearing sunscreen of course!) enjoying some quality family time!

This is my 6 month old cousin Maximus. Babies are totally into me. If your baby is screaming just send him/her my way & they'll be calm in an instant. Its a big boob thing... they look at me and see a well stocked fridge!!

Did you enjoy the gorgeous Easter weather? If not, did you enjoy quality family time/watching TV/eating copious amounts of chocolate bunnies??

Sunny xx

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