Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter at my Abuelos house

I adore visiting my Abuelos house. They are my Uruguayan grandparents who live in Western Sydney in a little Spanish speaking community. Their house brings me so much joy - covered with greenery & all manner of edible plants, the atmosphere is so full of warmth! We spent Easter Sunday at their house this year & spent the day eating copious amounts of food (my Abuela is gods gift to cooking!!) and enjoying being with family.

My grandparents give me so much inspiration when it comes to living green & being resourceful. They grow a lot of their own food & re-use everything. It's so refreshing to see people making the most of what they have & not unnecessarily wasting their resources.

I am also more than a little obsessed with the ColourBlast app - if you haven't already noticed! haha. This little red BBQ is one that my Abuelo uses to cook his famous stuffed roasted pork which we had for lunch accompanied by maple-roasted apples, a big salad & sweet potato mash with nutmeg & cinnamon. Lunch was followed by my favourite - flan! (which is like creme caramel for those who are not acquainted with flan!).

Dale by the pool, heading up to the orchard out back.

After completely stuffing ourselves with food, the boys headed to the parlour to play Risk - the worlds most boring board game in my opinion - and we, the ladies, watched a movie, read some magazines (oohing & Ahhing over clothes & jewellery) and played with my Mum's mini daschound Genevieve. It was a really relaxing Sunday!

For dinner my Abuela made my favourite - homemade lasagna with more salad (we have to balance it out somehow!) and loads of fresh bread baked that afternoon. For dessert she made lemon cakes in mugs with meringue on top - delicious!

By the time we left Dale & I were no longer able to stomach the idea of eating food ever again haha.

Sunny xx

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