Friday, 6 April 2012

DK's 30th at Assembly Bar, Sydney

Last night we went to our friend DK's 30th birthday held at Assembly Bar in Regents Place. It was a great night full of many cocktails and yummy food!

DK had booked a section of the bar outside which was floored with astroturf & sectioned off with a white picket fence. The picnic tables were old re-purposed doors (still with handles & hinges) & the walls were covered in vines entwined with fairy lights! It was a really cute, chic bar & we will definately be going back with friends.

One of Dale's cocktails came in this gold goblet & he decided that from now on he was only drinking out of goblets... He & the birthday boy are completely obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment so anything medieval is a win to them!

Cocktails: we loved "The Last Kiss From Russia' with its passion fruit kick. Also, we were MASSIVE fans of their huge sphere ice cubes!

Dale & Brett pucker up

Food: we adored everything we tried - the Assembly's fries with cheese + truffle sauce ($13) which had great flavour and were cut nice and chunky, Smoked provolone croquettes and piquillo peppers ($10) which were deliciously cheesy & perfect and the Pork belly slider with spicy sofrito and pickled red cabbage ($12) because how can you say no to delicious pork belly???

The theme for the night was any character from DK's top 100 movies - our good friend Chris decided it was time to show some chest hair and went as a Spartan! The birthday boy was a dashing James Bond & we were surrounded by pirates, warriors, the 3 amigos, the Wizard of Oz characters and the entire cast of Grease.

It was a great night, but we were feeling quite shady this morning! I made my Baked Eggs with Spicy Sweet Beans (recipe here) which was the PERFECT hangover cure. We ate them with loads of fresh Lebanese bread & multiple cups of coffee!

Enjoy the long weekend! Sunny xx

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