Monday, 23 April 2012

Canvas Photo Transfers

 This awesome DIY was something I picked up from the interwebs (thanks to some googling after watching a better homes & gardens episode a similar method was mentioned on) a few months ago. I'd been wanting to get some photos made into canvases but every time I went to do it, I was turned off by the exorbitant cost. Luckily the photo gods heard my plea and sent this fabulous idea my way.

Making your own canvas photo transfers is so easy - not to mention cheap! The final effect is a little grainy & textured with imperfections, so may not appeal to every ones tastes. Personally, I love anything with some character to it!

What you will need: a laser print out of the picture you want to transfer (I used a picture of myself, a picture of my little brother & a picture of 2 of my sisters) make sure it's a laser copy otherwise the ink won't transfer, some gel medium (I bought mine from this eBay seller for $14), canvas (mine were $2.50 each & dimensions were 20cm x 25cm), a large paint brush and a water spray bottle.

 Start by chopping off any excess white borders from your picture. Next, using your paint brush, spread a thick layer of gel medium all over the canvas. Once your layer is smooth & even, place your picture (photo side down) on the gel medium. Press down on the picture to make sure every inch of the photo is touching gel medium. Leave your canvas to dry overnight or for at least 8 hours. I left mine for 24 just to be on the safe side.

Now that your canvas is dry, lightly spray the back of the picture with water. Working in sections, gently rub away the paper, taking care not to rub off the photo. The paper should fall away easily with only gentle rubbing. If you rub too hard the transferred ink comes away leaving you white marks in your picture.

Once all the paper has been removed spread another layer of gel medium over the ink and set aside to dry for another 8 hours. This layer of gel medium will protect your picture & set the ink in place. Once dry your picture is ready to hang!

I was very pleased with how mine turned out. I think the gritty texture of the picture gives it so much personality. I am intending to make this set for my Mothership for Mothers Day - she has a country theme going on in her house so these will be perfect for the wall! Its probably important to note that your picture will come out back-to-front so be wary of this when choosing pictures with words on them.

I would highly recommend you give this a go! You'll be surprised how easy it is, and much cheaper than having one printed (meaning you can chop & change your decor whenever you feel like it!!).

Sunny xx

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