Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cake Pops!

Cake pops are all over the internet & are quickly becoming the new cupcake! They are tiny morsels of cake covered in chocolate & popped on a lollipop stick. My journey to cake pop mountain began last week when I made a batch of brownies that were less than perfect (far too cakey!). I also had some left over vegan chocolate cake and with no other way to use up the cake ruins (I HATE wasting good food) I decided it was time to make cake pops.

They are super easy and they were delicious! I took the 50 pops I made to work as an Easter treat for my team and they were gobbled down!

1 cooked and cooled cake (I used my unsuccessful brownie batch - but you can use any box mix or cake mix you like)
2 cups icing
600gm Melted chocolate mixed with 1 teaspoon canola oil
Lollipop sticks - I bought 100 on eBay for $3

1. Crumble cake into a large bowl. Add icing and mix until combined.
2. Roll into balls and refrigerate for 2 hours (or freeze for 1/2 - 1 hour)
3. Dip lollipop sticks into melted chocolate and stick into balls.
4. Dip balls into melted chocolate mixture and set on a plate. I find its best to only do a few at a time otherwise they get too warm and will fall off the lollipop stick.
5. Decorate and serve! I decorated mine with coloured sugar, sprinkles, coloured melted chocolate etc.

You can let your imagination run wild with the decorating and flavour combo's!! I think the next combo's I'll try are red velvet with cream cheese frosting, vanilla cake with very vanilla frosting and chocolate with peppermint flavouring... so many flavour possibilities it makes your head spin!

I also have plans to make these as dessert finger food for my sisters 18th birthday party.

Enjoy your pops! Sunny xx

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