Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Week In Pictures

It's been another action-packed week at the Sunny Ranch, but here is a quick glimpse:

1. The discovery of $1 hot chocolates at 7/11. I cannot stress how awesome this is - and to top it off, its actually delicious!!! What a perfect way to recession bust your life.

2. Some lovely eats at Baia The Italian for Sam's birthday. Loads of great food, some blue skies and a perfect way to spend last Sunday afternoon!

3. Bringing back the friendship bracelet - I was inspired to try create the same friendship bracelets we used to make in late primary/early high school. I'm amazed I still remembered! Now to think of something fun to do with the 30cm rainbow one I have created.....

4. Finally, baking up a storm! I made some nutella sandwich cookies that were enjoyed by Dale & my work colleagues plus a big batch of brownies. They were all sent to loving homes.

Hope you have had a fantastic week! And for all those who were asking on Facebook, my nail colour whilst holding my 7/11 hot chocolate was 'Big Apple Red' by OPI.

Sunny xx

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