Sunday, 4 March 2012

Melted Crayon Art!

So the latest craze online is crayon art - melting crayons using a hair dryer which gives you a colourful & textured picture. Anyway, I loved it & gave it a try! I used some inspiration I found online & decided to go for a 'couple in the rain' picture. I swapped out the hairdryer method & used my glue gun to get more control of the colour dispersion.

See above assembly of materials - Canvas ($2.99 from Hot Dollar store), Crayons (I used Mont Marte - $3.99 for a box of 64 - from Hot Dollar store), a print out of a silhouette of a couple standing under an umbrella (or if you are artistically gifted, draw your own!), a cheap hot glue gun (I already owned a cheap one that I was happy to sacrifice for the cause) and LOADS of newspaper to cover the area you are working on.

Take your crayons & pick the colours you're using, I picked out a varied amount of grays, silver, blues and dark purples. Take your happy couple & scope out where you want them to sit. Once you've picked it out either trace through whilst holding up to a window or take the lengthy method of copying the picture onto tracing paper & then trace onto the canvas. Colour in. I used crayon (to keep with the crayon theme) but for a solid silhouette I would use permanent marker or a felt tip pen.

Once you're ready its time for the worst part - taking the paper off the crayons. Best to do this whilst watching some TV so you don't die of absolute boredom. Sticky tape some paper over your couple so they wont drown in the crayon downpour.

Ok, now we are good to go. Line your area with LOADS of newspaper - heated crayon can certainly spray EVERYWHERE! Lay your board against a wall - you need it sitting vertically so the melted wax will cascade prettily down the canvas.

Now, plug in your glue gun & insert your crayon in the spot that the glue is supposed to go. If you find your crayons are slightly too thick, shave them down with scissors or grate off with a cheap cheese grater. Make sure you're gentle or you will snap your crayon in half which makes the job a bit harder.

Give the crayon a few seconds to melt and then start squirting it gently over the canvas, starting at the top and working your way from side to side. Build up as necessary until you have a down pour worthy of an umbrella.

And voila! You have a unique and textured artwork for your walls! I added a few drips over the umbrella but you can leave it blank. I have soooooo many crayons left over that I'm thinking of doing a rainbow version.

Enjoy your melting!

Sunny xx

Edit: This is the result of me using the same method to do a rainbow picture - I love the random slatter spots at the bottom, it gives it a really arty feel!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking up tutorials on this type of melted crayon art and most stick the crayons to the top edge of the canvas with the glue gun. You haven't used this method. I was just wondering how exactly and where did you place the crayons?
Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

She placed them in the glue gun :)