Saturday, 24 March 2012


One of our juicy mangoes cut up & ready to become my breakfast!

So today was one of the first sunny days in a while & it got me thinking about summer (this years summer was rained out so it doesn’t really count!). My favourite part of the hot season is easily summed up into one word: mangoes.

We have mango trees on our cattle farm (my grandmother planted them 15 years ago & now they tower above us all!) & every year my father goes and supervises the picking. In the end we box them up and they are sent out to family members and friends across the country. I am lucky enough to receive a giant box every year full of bright orange and green deliciousness! That enticing mango smell seems to spread throughout my apartment & make your mouth water.

The mangoes we grow on the farm are far more delicious than the ones you buy in stores. My ex-boyfriend once commented that he has never had a better mango & that since we broke up, he is devastated at the prospect of not being able to eat any more of them!

A picture I sent to Dale to let him know the mangoes have arrived - mostly to tease him!

My grandma, being the smart lady she is, used to make mango puree and freeze it to be eaten throughout the year over ice cream or made into juices. One of my happiest memories is the excitement I used to feel going to Nanna’s house knowing I’d get to eat mango ice cream!

So I guess for now I will have to settle for some mango kulfi until next summer brings its mangoes! I hope your day was spent soaking up the brief moment of summer!

Sunny xx

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