Sunday, 25 March 2012

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Spice Jars

If you are like me, your herbs & spices stay tucked away in the back of your cupboard waiting to be fished out when needed. Well, do I have a solution for you! Magnetic spice tins. Make use of the space on your fridge & clear some extra space in your pantry. These look amazing & cost a fraction of the price of any you'd find in stores.
What you'll need to make your own magnetic spice jars:
  • Some lightweight metal tins with clear lids - I bought my large tins from this eBay seller and they worked out to be $2.00 per jar including shipping.
  • Sheets of adhesive magnet - I used 4mm thickness & bought mine from this eBay seller. I purchased 4 A4 sheets for $7.50 including shipping.
  • A couple sheets of label's - I had these laying around the house, but you can buy a packet for a few dollars from your local stationary shop or office supplies centre.
  • A pair of scissors
  • A felt tip pen
  • Your herbs & spices

LinkGrab your tins and make sure they are clean & ready to go. I was really happy with the tins I bought as they were super lightweight - make sure you check the weight of the tin before purchasing, if your tins are too heavy they wont stick to the fridge. If that happens to you, don't freak out - try adding two layers of magnetic paper which will give them double the staying power.

Take your tins and measure them against the magnetic sheets. You want the magnet to be smaller than the jar so that it's hidden when stuck against the fridge. I found I got 12 magnets out of an A4 sheet of magnet paper.

The best way to figure out how many your sheet will make is to trace circles around your tins & then divide the page up into square sections.

Cut your squares out & put aside. I find it easier to do each jar from start to finish but you can do each stage in bulk if you like. Cut your squares into circles, leaving about a 1/2 centimeter to 1 centimeter edge.

Place your circle on the bottom of the tin to see if it fits. If its too big, simply snip a little of the sides and try again. This is the side nobody will see so don't worry if your circles aren't perfect. Once you have the right size & shape, peel off the paper backing and stick the adhesive side to the tin. Press down on the magnet to make sure its on nice & tight.

Congratulations! You've just magnetised your tin! You can stop here if you want a more minimalist approach (or you're much better than I am at identifying which herbs are which!).

Personally I like to label mine & make my life much easier. I used half of a regular sized label by cutting each label into two 2cm wide labels instead of one 4cm wide label. I then wrote the names of my spices in an interesting script & outlined them with some hand drawn lines.

Once you're done, stick the label on the lid, trimming the ends to fit. Throw in your herbs & spices, whack the lid back on & stick those babies on a metal surface! They look fantastic, you can easily check how much you have left of each herb & they are a great talking piece when friends (especially fellow foodies!) come over.

Enjoy! & be sure to fill up your new pantry space with something delicious!

Sunny xx

Ps. I'll also be posting some great DIY's to do with the left over off-cuts of magnet adhesive & those empty glass herb jars!

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