Tuesday, 27 March 2012

1 Dress - 3 Days

I have talked about utilising your closet space before but I think in these times of recessions, higher costs of living & generally having less spending money than we used to we need to be using what we have. Lets face it - not many of us have those jobs that get you free clothes & unlimited shopping hours a week, so lets work with what we've got! By picking pieces you can transition into any situation you cut down on your closet space like a mofo.

I am a massive fan of buying a simple dress that can work in ANY occasion (except perhaps painting or doing some kind of hard labour...) and I think a simple striped dress like this one is perfect! Just remember, if your bigger busted you will want to stick to a lower neck line (& work what you're momma gave you!). Here's three ways I would work this one:

Lunch with Friends:
I pair the dress with some serious colour! Get some great hoop earring to dress down the outfit - I LOVE these rainbow heart hoops. Some bright shoes and a bright bag (try to avoid matching colours) lift the black & white out of the field of 'boring' & 'simple'. Lastly, rock out a fluro cuff that can be seen from space - because no one puts baby in a corner.

One of the great things about working with extremely bright colours is that a little goes a long way so you can afford to buy a few good pieces instead of 60 cheap ones. This outfit also transitions well from lunch to dinner to the club, so you don't have to worry about looking like a Sunday School teacher who accidentally took a wrong turn into the ghetto!
Dinner with your Boyfriend's Parents:
Lets be frank - you don't want to be remembered as "that blonde trollop my son dated in 2012" so lets stick to something simple and classy. Start with your black & white stripped dress - add pearls (trust me on this, I attended finishing college and that is the main thing drilled into me - pearls are ALWAYS appropriate) in the form of some pearl studs (I love these with a hint of sparkle at the top) and a strand or two of conservative pearls around your neck & lastly these ass-kicking shoes.

Why are you wearing ass-kicking shoes? because you're meeting the in-laws, not dead. These midnight blue shoes are already fantastic but with the bling on the heels they go to the level of OMG in my opinion. On a side note, I have been seriously jonesing to try making my own with a plain pair... but more on that later. For now, you are going to be charming & delightful & wow the hell out of those in-laws.
Work, a Meeting or Class:
Last - but my favourite - is this winter themed ensemble. Autumn has begun in Australia which means temperatures are dropping below 20 degrees Celsius - WHICH I LOVE! Sunshine & cool breezes totally work for me. But back on topic - I'm loving the blue & dull orange colour combo this blazer & scarf give. One of my latest obsession is also these hood scarves - I hate trying to find the balance between wrapping the scarf artfully around my next & not strangling myself.

The black knee high boots give the outfit a sexy, yet feminine feel. Before you leave the house, grab your adorable satchel, your sunnies (the Australian sun will get you any time of year!), this bitching spiked ring & a gorgeous note book to fill with your amazing & insightful memoirs.

This outfit works in so many situations & remember: if you feel great you will look great!

Sunny xx

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