Sunday, 29 January 2012

Instagram FTW!

Having only recently upgraded from a Blackberry to an iPhone I am still busy Oooo-ing & Ahhhr-ing over the six bazillion apps you can get. But I have to say my all time favs so far are Instagram and Photo Collage.

Instagram is an app that allows you to take pictures (or choose one from your library) and edit/filter them to make them awesome to the power of ten! I find it teams well with Photo collage which helps you make collages out of the photos you have taken/edited.

Basically, the way they make my pictures look makes epic happiness rays shoot out of my head. A couple examples:
These are a few pictures taken from a 'Sports' themed Christmas Party I attended over the holiday period held at a bowls club. I came as a referee - the back of my shirt had 'REF' written in giant writing. It should also be noted that I bought a skort for the occasion. That's right, I said SKORT. It's what happens when a sports skirt and a pair of shorts make sweet sweet sports-ware love.

This is Libby, my partners dog. Dale is manly and tough in all aspects except his puppy picking skills haha. She is adorable and cuddly so we gave her a bath on Christmas Day. The great thing about Sydney is the fact that it will eventually heat up to 28 degrees (Celsius) on Christmas Day which means swimming, pool volleyball & your dog drying in 10 seconds flat.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief slide show presentation.

Love Sunny xx

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