Thursday, 13 October 2011

Birthday Adventures - Bourke Street Bakery & Adriano Zumbo!

For months before my birthday I knew exactly what I wanted to do on the day - visit my two favourite places, Bourke Street Bakery & Adriano Zumbo Patisserie. We met up with my BFF Sam & headed to Bourke Street Bakery - where we met up with another BFF Gav. From the moment we got there the tarts called to us from the windows with their icing-sugar-covered deliciousness!

We ordered our goods and then grabbed an outdoor seat in the surprising sunlight (It had been raining all week, but magically cleared for my birthday!). I love the un-polished seating set up they have, it's very typical of the Surry Hills area & very fashionable in a rustic, hipster kind of way. Speaking of hipsters, watch this video haha.

Mmmm the delicious cross section of my pork & fennel sausage roll. Lucky for me, Dale wasn't a fan (he has issues with fennel) so I got to eat the whole thing myself and I loved every crumb of it.

Dale & Gav both chose lamb and harissa sausage rolls which were equally delicious (I demanded a 'birthday' tax so they both gave me a bite haha). Next time we go to Bourke Street I am intending to buy one of each because I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't!

Sam ordered the eggplant pizza which he said was delicious & because they brought it out late he also got a free chocolate & cherry cookie! High five for free stuff!!

After our delicious lunch Dale had the rhubarb and almond tart & I picked the lemon tart. Both were delicious. The rhubarb was a fantastic mix of sweet and sour with that beautiful almond nuttiness. The lemon tart deliciously tart and creamy & generally the picture of citrus perfection!

Not pictured was the gorgeous ginger brulee tart topped with chopped pistachio's. Im not a huge fan of ginger but bought it because of how much I loved their strawberry & vanilla brulee tart last time I visited. I was glad I took the chance because it had just a hint of ginger under the wonderfully crackly brulee top.

Once we had stuffed ourselves with delicious bakery goods & spent some time in the sun, we hopped in the car & headed to Balmain to visit Adriano Zumbo's.

The moment we walk into the narrow shop we are hit with the sheer volume of delicious goods in front of us. We all stand in front of the counters struck by indecision.

The rows of delicately crafted desserts call to us from behind their glass prison. They are all so identical its amazing to think of the effort that goes into each one! The boys rush over to the deserts but I have my eyes set on one thing only... MACAROONS!

I was a touch disappointed the salted caramel macaroons (my ultimate favourite!) were not on offer that day, but there were many others to distract me. The salted butter popcorn was an interesting experience, the vanilla & pear (which I originally thought I wouldn't like) was quite delicious & my favourite was definitely the butterscotch caramel.

Some of my macaroons - from left to right - butterscotch caramel, fig & burnt butter, rice pudding, salted butter popcorn and passionfruit. We left Zumbos & headed to a cafe a few doors down to buy some hot coffee as the wind picked up.

Sam chose a Milo desert - I don't remember what it was called but it had a chocolate dome filled with chocolate mouse. Inside the cup were layers of chocolaty goodness with some chocolate milk trapped in the middle! (hence the straw it came with!)

Dale chose 'Lukas Rides The Train' which had macadamia & vanilla flavours. Both boys gave their dessert two thumbs up.

As we left the store we noticed this retro poster on the wall - i didn't get a chance to read it fully but I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress haha. After all the sugar of the day I was glad I brought my second dessert stomach along for the ride!

Thank you for all the fantastic birthday wishes!

Super sugar love,

x Sunny x

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