Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Food Obsessions

Lately I am obsessed with the following:

Donna Hay's brownie mix was on sale at my tiny grocer & I thought to myself 'I like just about everything else that lady makes, so why not?' and BAM I was sucked in to a world of chocolaty goodness. At a regular retail price of $8 a packet, its definitely worth every cent! I am completely addicted.

My boyfriend & I are both obsessed with Leaning Oak's Goat Fetta with Pesto. I sprinkle it over our caramelised onion tart or on our bruschetta for a twist. We buy ours from the Thornleigh Farmers Market held on the third Sunday of every month.

Finally - we are COMPLETELY obsessed with this Strawberry and Lime cider we had at the New Orleans Cafe on the weekend. It is so gorgeously fruity & delightful you wont know what to do you with yourself!

Love x Sunny x

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