Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kiyonna 'Legacy Wrap Dress' two ways

There is nothing worse than a tiny closet. I should know, at one point in my life all I had was 3 drawers to store my clothes in. You heard right - no hanging storage, no shoe boxes & definitely no way to keep clothes from wrinkling!

During this unfortunate closet-challenged part of my existence, I gained a real appreciation for having less clothes that are more versatile and can be easily pulled across from work to evening, casual to formal and summer to winter.

One of my most loved versatile pieces is this dress - Kiyonna's legacy wrap dress in Purple Sunset. The fabric is soft and relatively light, the vibrant purple is a real jewel colour and gets compliments from just about everybody. Aside from the fact that it's pretty, it moves so easily from the office to the bar. A block colour wrap dress is perfect for any woman (especially those with curves!) and a must have for your wardrobe.

For the office pair it with a beige shoe, pearl earrings, a pearl cuff and a beige handbag. Neutrals are your best friend in the day time & the fair colours will let the great colour of your dress shine.

For a smooth transition to a bar/club/party, swap to some killer black heals, statement earrings (I love these wing earrings & MUST have them), a sparkly clutch and a chunky silver cuff. Not loving the earrings? swap them for a necklace with bling!

Another thing I love about the legacy wrap dress is that the material is relatively thin meaning it is great for summer & wont make you sweat (ewww). For winter, wear a slip underneath, slide into some stockings & throw a trench on top and BAM! Instant winter warmth & your still looking sexy!

Shoes & Jewellery are easy to store (shoe boxes, jewellery boxes etc) and can be displayed for aesthetics (I have my ruby red slippers - Wizard of Oz style - on display in my bookcase) so it's really just a great excuse to load up on accessories!

So embrace the versatile dress ladies & don't clog up your wardrobes with one-use pieces! Unless they are really super special haha.

Love Sunny x

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