Wednesday, 20 April 2011

KFC Double Down

So my friend Amanda & I have been eyeing KFC's Double Down burger since it was released a couple of weeks ago in Australia. The Double Down is made of bacon, BBQ sauce and cheese sandwiched between two chicken fillets... and its delicious.

We were worried it would be gross & not worth the calories but instead we were pleasantly surprised at how yummy it was. The chicken could be a touch more moist (heheh moist) but otherwise it was completely delectable. It is surprisingly small so we bought a large chips and drink to share. I was completely stuffed afterwards but Amanda has some kind of hidden second stomach and was still hungry.

There has been a lot of talk over the web about the Double Down - people calling it "horrific", "dangerous" and so on. Basically, if you are stupid enough to eat more than one a week or month then you probably deserve the ill affects it will give you. The burger should be enjoyed as an occasional treat and part of a balanced lifestyle!

x Sunny x

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