Sunday, 6 March 2011


1. Karaoke with our best friends, in honour of Amanda’s birthday! Please excuse our shiny faces; it was pitch black so we had to use a mega flash. Plus we’d had quite a few cocktails! We were at Mizuya's on George Street - one of our most favourite places. Make sure you buy their cheap jugs of cocktails & try the waygu garlic fried rice.

2. Chocolatesuze’s perfect McDonalds breakfast – I sent this link to all my friends, and we decided one day we would try it… then we’ll go for a two hour run haha.

3. My trip to Canberra (stay tunes for more details)

4. Yum Cha adventures with my oldest friend Garwin! We are on a mission to find Sydney’s best Mango Pancakes. This week we visited the Fook Yuen at Chatswood. So far, its the favourite.

5. New shoes – military style flat knee high boots. My new winter staple.

6. Spending time with my family. (I’d put this on every happiness list!)

7. Moser Roth Chocolate – especially their Chili Dark Chocolate. It's the perfect work treat & one bite will stop you from stabbing a coworker with a lead pencil.

Have a very happy week!

x Sunny x

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