Saturday, 5 February 2011

Radical Self Love!

Lately I've been participating in Gala Darling's month of Radical Self Love during February. Radical Self Love is all about loving what you see in the mirror, romancing yourself & getting yourself “un-stuck” when you don’t know how to move forward . She talks about the obstacles & perilous hindrances that most often derail the radical self love journey, & how to STOMP them out.

Above is collage of things that remind me of loving myself - Going on adventures (Paris, how I adore you!), buying a wedding band for yourself as a symbol that you'll put yourself first, Macaroons because they are colourful, delicious and beautiful (& remind me of our Macaroon Hunt!) and fresh white sheets! Who doesn't love new sheets?

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just for those girls (& boys!) with confidence & body issues, because everyone has room in their life to love themselves more! I have never really suffered from low self esteem or had any body issues - I enjoy my own company & I take myself out for lunch or a movie often! BUT , there is plenty room to do more fantastic things. Its especially well timed if your single seeing as St Valentines day is only a week away!

If you bought a ticket to her opening workshop you'll know she set some us quite a bit of homework! One piece of homework is to take a picture of yourself every day in February - the idea being that the more pictures you take the more comfortable you'll be with your body. I have been doing this every day (so far) and it has been interesting! Here are some snaps from today:

And here is my Radical Self Love diary for writing down my notes from Gala's workshops & the homework (please excuse my messy writing!). Mine is red because its the colour of love heheh cliche, i know! But I love it :) Next is finding my Radical Self Love totem... I'm thinking possible a red heart pendant or a ring that says love that I saw at Diva!

Go ahead, make your life even more fabulous by loving yourself completely!

x Sunny x


Anonymous said...

I believe in helping other people love themselves as well so I'll just say it: you seriously have the most beautiful blonde hair I've ever seen! Is that your natural colour?x

victorialoves_ said...

amazing :) I've been following Gala darling and her Radical Self Love movement since last year and its been amazing and totally turned my life around. Good luck!!!! <3

Lani Jardin said...

Cute self-snaps! I can see in the photo of your RSL diary that part of your hw is to form a support group... I'm from Melbourne, but I'm putting my hand up :D

miniblondeone said...

You're so lucky to have gone to her workshop! I only just discovered Gala the other day and think she's fantastic! I'm definitely doing the diary! Will link this blog to my site when it's done. :D

Chantelle said...

Great work! Keep it up girl. Gala is incredibly inspiring =D

Lorra Fae said...

I notice some Byron Katie work in there - awesome.

Who is Sunny? said...

Lani - Yes! If you want to be part of my support group email me at!

Gala is fantastically inspiring & endlessly entertaining! She is indeed my muse :)

Sara said...

Was linked here through the Twitter #radicalselflove tag and love it. Thanks for sharing. I've subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more entries. :)