Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Here is a quick of things that made me happy this week:

1. Making birthday cakes for people I love
2. Getting a mention on Gala Darling!
3. Seeing the blisteringly hot Sydney weather turn refreshingly cold (& back again!)
4. Workouts that give you a buzz afterwards
5. Making waffles from scratch
6. Flirting with a dangerously cute DJ at Bar 333
7. Raspberries (I never used to like them!)

I hope your week was filled with happiness!

x Sunny x


Begooo said...

You're so cute and I love your blog! Of course, I love you too!
I mentioned you on my blog a week ago, because I think you're awesome :)
I also mentioned you on my Tumblr... (I'm not a stalker or anything! LOL)
Hope all is well with you. Keep doing what you're doing!
Love from Turkey,

Who is Sunny? said...

Begooo you are just too adorable!

Begooo said...

Hahahaha you are too! By the way, my followers who know English, started to read your blog. They wanted me to tell you that, they too, adore your blog :) I guess now you have more than one follower from Turkey! LOL.