Monday, 21 February 2011

Gym Bag Essentials

I am one of those people that hits the gym a few times a week. My gym, (Crunch in Chatswood – check it out, it’s awesome) is located right near my work so I go three times a week at lunch and two times a week after work. Lunch time gym visits cause a lot of discomfort for people because you then have to find some way to appear fresh & put together after just getting all hot & sweaty! Well, fear no more; here is my guide to staying fresh & lovely after the gym (or other physical activity of your choice)!

Smelling fresh

- Keep a small bottle of aerosol deodorant in your gym bag; spray yourself before & after your gym session.
- Wash your gym clothes after EVERY time! Don’t wear anything more than once between washes as people will be able to tell!
- Keep your perfume spritzer around & give yourself a spray afterwards. A LIGHT spray! Going back to the confined space of an office dripping of perfume is NOT a good idea.
- If you can, take a quick shower after your workout.
- To keep your toes smelling sweet, bring as many pairs of socks as work outs. If you’re going twice in one day (lunchtime & afterwards) do not ever use the same socks. Just trust me on this one.

Styling your hair

- Keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your bag. Seriously, this will save your life!!
- Wearing your hair out: Bring a brush in your bag. After your workout, spray the dry shampoo into your hair & leave for a minute or two. Brush out & style as usual.
- Wearing your hair up: This is the easiest choice. Pin or tie your hair back, spray a little dray shampoo around the edges & your good to go!
- Always keep bobby pins and hair ties in your bag. These will be needed regularly!
- If you get fly-aways then keep some styling gel in your bag with a medium hold & use after your hair is styled to slick back those annoying hairs that stick out.

Make up

- If you have the time, take your entire face of make up off before you work out.
- After your workout wait for your skin to cool a little bit & give it a splash of water followed by a quick towel dry. Then use some concealer and a powder with a green base to counteract the redness in your cheeks. I love Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish in Look 3.
- Go for a less is more mentality as caking your make up on will be bad for your skin & you don’t want to look like a flash back from your Mum’s prom in the 80’s.

Keeping your gym bag smelling fresh

- Empty your gym bag out every night & keep it open to let the air freshen it naturally.
- Put a tumble dryer fabric softener sheet in the bottom of your bag & it will constantly smell like fresh laundry.
- If you are able, have two gym bags that you alternate.
- Always use fresh towels.

Using these tips, you won’t have any problem going to the gym any time of day!

Enjoy your work out,

x Sunny x

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