Wednesday, 16 February 2011

5 Ways to Recession Bust Your Beauty Regime

It’s time to give your spending habits a makeover! Much to our dislike, most of us are currently living through a recession. This means saving money wherever possible & if you’re like me, that means being a bit more frugal with your beauty buys. Don’t be sad, this doesn’t mean you have to walk around town looking like the local bag lady or go on your hot dates with scaly skin! There are plenty of ways to spend your money more wisely & still get the same benefits!

So here are 5 ways to recession bust your beauty regime & keep those dollars in the bank:

1. Opt for the homemade where possible.

Making beauty products from things you already have in your cupboards or fridge will always cost you less than something you get from your favourite brand. My favourite example of this is sugar! I use white sugar as an exfoliator in the shower to keep my skin silky smooth on those days when I’m strapped for cash. Just place a little sugar in your hand and a couple drops of water or oil, then rub it into your skin all over. If you want to use it on your face, opt for brown sugar as it’s finer & won’t irritate your sensitive skin. Home remedies are easy to find – just pop it into Google & go Sherlock Holmes on its ass.

2. Shop for a bargain online.

Once you know what product you want, search for it on eBay and other bargain sites to see if you can find it at a discounted rate. I buy my foundation, my favourite heat activated hair protector, my make up brushes and my sunscreen online & generally save anywhere from 25 – 50% on the retail cost. However, make sure you factor in the postage or you might get caught paying more than you intended!

3. Make your perfume last longer

Overuse of perfume is a crime against humanity! The way you smell shouldn’t enter a room before you do! The idea of perfume is that another person should smell it when they get close enough to you, not that they should be able to smell you from across a table. So to avoid the accidental overuse of perfume, my special tip is to get a spritzer or atomiser, put 8 or so squirts of perfume inside then fill the rest with water. Give it a shake before you spray & then use as you would normally. Using this method you get a more subtle scent & your perfume lasts infinitely longer! Those 8 drops will last you a week or so! Can you say KACHING!

4. Keep your eye out for special deals

If you stay alert you will find loads of ways to get a good deal. Most beauticians will have a bulk buy arrangement where you get 25% off if you buy more than 3 sessions. This is great for something you know you’re going to get done anyway – for instance, I have very fair eyebrows and eyelashes so I bulk buy my tinting & get 20% off. If you don’t think you’ll use all the sessions, why not go halves with a friend?

With the same idea in mind, if you see a product you use having a major discount, it would be quite a good idea to buy a couple & save yourself some money down the track. I do this with my moisturiser when it is on sale because I know I go through it like candy & I don’t have any intentions to change products in the near future.

5. Use what you’ve got

The biggest lesson I have learnt over the years is to use what you have before you buy something new!! If you already have two different kinds of body scrub, you don’t need another! This can be difficult, especially when there is a new product everyone is raving about – but you will be amazed at how much you save & how much less wastage you have. If you still can’t bear not to buy the new product that claims to make you a goddess, then do what I do and give the replaced product to your sister, mother or girlfriend & share the love!

In the same category, don’t keep things with the idea of ‘saving them’ for a special occasion. This is a recipe for disaster & you will end up with a million things being ‘saved’ in your cabinets and nothing being used! Unless you foresee a special occasion in the next month, show yourself some radical self-love & use it on an average day just to treat yourself!

x Sunny x

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