Monday, 24 January 2011

My New Satchel!

So after only 3 weeks my satchel has arrived!! Yay super happy dance time!! Don't know what I'm talking about? Then read my Cambridge Satchel Company post. I had read reviews where people had to wait up to two months for theirs, but I think the fact that I bought mine after Christmas & New Years helped. Plus, when you live in Australia three weeks to get a bag hand made & posted to you from the UK is very quick!

It took everything within me to wait until I got home to open it. Bravo to FedEx, with my tracking number I tracked its journey from the UK to Paris, then on to China & finally Singapore before coming to Australia!

The FedEx package on my bed, I open everything on my bed. Inside the FedEx envelope was a package covered in bubble wrap (hours of entertainment right there! haha).

And tada! Wonderfulness wrapped in tissue paper!

Please excuse my blurry pictures, my camera's focus was playing up. It comes with a cute tag saying 'Open Me'... why yes, yes I will.

Isn't it beautiful???!!! I did an 'Amanda' and searched every inch of it for a flaw and found none. It is impeccable! It's made of very thick & sturdy leather & has that gorgeous new leather smell.

I got my name embossed on it in silver & it looks beautiful. I'm so pleased with my purchase! As an added bonus they also gave me a coupon for five pounds off my next purchase which I will use when I buy either my black batchel or a small red satchel.

x Sunny x

EDIT: To see what fits inside my satchel - see here.


Valdovinos said...

Hi, I'm researching all about this satchel because I want to order one for my birthday (brown or purple, I still can't decide). My question is this, how much were you charged for embossing? I hope you don't mind me asking. I want to do my last name and that's about as many letters as you did here. Thanks.

Who is Sunny? said...

I think it was about twenty pounds give or take! But well worth it, I get compliments EVERY day about it! And it is really fantastic quality!

Cindy said...

Hi, found your blog when I was Googling/researching about Cambridge satchels, yours is lovely! I especially like the 'Open Me' tag... Thanks for all the info!