Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Perfect Sunday Breakfast

Sunday mornings were made for eating fantastic breakfasts, lazing around in your pajamas & doing relaxing activities like having picnics & reading your favourite book. But what classifies as a fantastic breakfast? For starters it helps if it's aesthetically pleasing - set out on a tray, on gorgeous serving ware with a special touch like a flower or beautiful cloth napkin.

My idea's of a perfect breakfast are:

- The classic: Eggs, bacon & a hash brown

- Eggs Benedict - the one breakfast I never cook at home!

- Waffles or pancakes with maple syrup & a good quality vanilla bean ice cream

- Fresh strawberries & vanilla yogurt perhaps with a piece of oatmeal slice (recipe to come!)

- Asparagus, fried haloumi & a poached egg.

- Cinnamon toast

All these served with orange juice, your favourite tea/hot chocolate or coffee. These breakfasts will brighten up any day & make life endlessly fantastic!

Enjoy your weekend!

x Sunny x

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