Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Years Resolutions

Farewell 2010! You were full of events: a promotion at work, 3 of my siblings formals (the Australian equivalent of a Prom), family holidays, the annual Melbourne trip with me & my friends, the year I joined the gym, a massive 23rd birthday party (pictures to come), I made new friends & became closer to old ones, the year I got my cat Yeti, and most importantly a year I got to spend with my fantastic family.

I'm hoping 2011 holds even greater things for me than the years before it. Already I feel it giving me a renewed sense of purpose & guidance in life. So for those who play along at home, here are my new years resolutions! I made my list longer this year as I felt I completed them all too quickly last year!

1. Get a pay rise
2. Visit a museum, gallery & zoo/aquarium
3. Create happiness wherever I go & in the people I know
4. Improve my core & upper body strength
5. By pieces of quality that will last me a long time
6. Write a 50,000 word novel, just so that I can say I did
7. Join a class
8. Meet new people
9. Create positive house karma!
10. Do something adventurous or daring

I have written these down in the front page of my day to day diary so I see them every time i check my schedule for the day! It gives me a boost in the morning being able to measure myself against the list.

I hope you have your resolutions sorted & are feeling full of hope & promise for a wonderful two-thousand-and-heaven! I wish you nothing but wonderfullness & love!!


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