Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My New Addiction...

...is Creme Brulee tea from T2. It is a black tea with caramel and vanilla accents that is enough to make you want to run away with it & elope. Coming in a close second is their Chocolate Tea & I'm hoping to try their Madagascar Vanilla tea next time I go in for my fix.
The Creme Brulee (100g) is $13, but lasts you a while. You can buy their tea in much bigger sizes but as I switch between two or three I never buy more than the 100g. Once you buy your tea you'll need an awesome new container to put it in. I bought their pink enamel container ($18) because it was both pretty & shiny which means I love it haha.

If you plan on drinking on the run, may I suggest their purple travel mug ($15). I fill mine up before leaving & drink it on the train, it is amazingly unspillable! They also have some pretty glitter ones or a jumbo one that you can change the cover of. T2 are just about everywhere in Sydney at the moment, and if you cant find one then simply look them up online & you'll discover they deliver. My favourite store is at Chatswood Chase as its large & the staff are uber friendly!


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