Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My 23rd Birthday - Prom Night!!

OK so I know this post is like 3 months late, but here are some pictures from my wonderful 23rd Birthday party! The theme was Prom Night 2010 & I am so lucky to have so many friends that love dressing up in their finest!

Lets start with my front door... I live in an apartment block so we put signs EVERYWHERE (yes, even in elevators & fire escapes) to assist people in not getting lost haha.

I had a whole posse of amazing people come over during the day to help me set up (Pauline, Amanda, Monique, Milton, Ian, my little sister Brianna & her friend Iszy). Plus the lovely Soosan came & helped me with the cooking the night before.

I LOVE this picture of Pauline curling Amanda's hair while she eats dinner because it sets the tone for what that last hour before the party was like! We were all rushing around trying to eat our dinner, helping each other put on make up, zip up dresses & give us hugs of anticipation! Also, note all the stars we put up all over the walls, windows & balcony! Those stars took me an entire day to cut out of 6 sheets of silver cardboard!! Totally worth it.

Monique helps me zip up my dress & then hangs around for some kisses! Behind us is my bedroom, all of my furniture is white or beige because I love blank canvases & my house gets uber amounts of light!

We light loads of floating candles (in jars... i have a lot of jars haha), make some punch & set bubbles out everywhere for everyones blowing pleasure!

Amanda & Ian model my balloon arch. Whilst I did assembly, my wonderful helpers used their lung power to blow up all of those balloons! What fantastic people they are! Ian & Amanda make a great prom couple, I'm especially digging Amanda's feathers.

These babies are my risotto balls! Delicious home made risotto (my Abuela's recipe, taught to me when I was a young girl) with sinful melted cheese inside. I had about 17 people ask me for this recipe! I will eventually post it on my food blog Sugar when I get a chance! (and figure out actual measurements other than 'a bit of this or that' heheh). Monique was a perfect waitress handing out all my creations. Plus, notice her fantastic corsage? I had a similar one but purple & blue.

Me & my handsome date Dan get caught talking about why Kindergarten cop is better than any Godfather movies (4 words win my argument: 'Its not a tumour!!') which explains my smile & Dan's look of 'I'll let you win because its your party but we'll talk about this later' haha.
Taking advantage of our paparazzi we strike a Charlies Angels pose because... well, why not!? They are awesome, and its the only show where the blonde character is able to spell her own name!
And then of course, it's time for jelly shots! I made amazing three colour energy drink jelly shots (recipe will also be on Sugar one day haha) with gummy bears on top!! Mmmm gummy goodness! I made like 5 per person (including designated drivers) so there were load to go around... and also the reason I've left most pictures after these out hahaha things got messy (well, my hair did) and people enjoyed themselves!

And finally, My 3 helpers & I show off my canvas that everyone signed with beautiful sentiments, it now sits in my bedroom waiting to be hung in my lounge room :) One thing I was very proud of was my friends behaviour. It was a no-puke party & only one person got too drunk to be able to make proper words! The key is to feed them a lot of food & slow the alcohol getting into their blood! Sneaky, I know.
Thanks to everyone that came & I am already planning the next one ;)

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