Saturday, 22 January 2011

Individual False Lashes

Last night I went to dinner with some of my best friends - Samuel, Rachael, Greg, Kenny, Michelle, Jess & Jeff. They all went on to No Half Stepping, but I had a date so had to rush off.

Either way, it was a fantastic excuse to try the individual eyelashes I'd bought this week. When we go out clubbing or to parties I always wear fake eyelashes (now that I don't get my eyelash extensions anymore! *sad face* haha) to get that dramatic eye, but I find it hard to make them look anywhere near natural. So I thought I would give these a try. I was inspired after seeing this tutorial by Lisa Eldridge, She is amazing, and her make up tutorials will rock your world!!

So, to apply the individual lashes you will need:

1. A packet of individual lashes - I recommend getting the separate 'small' & 'medium' palettes as the 'long' palettes are ridiculously long.

2. Duo surgical adhesive. Don't even think about using the glue that comes with the lashes!! Duo is 50 times better than any other eyelash adhesive. Plus, it goes on white & dries clear so you know when they are dry. You can buy Duo at the MAC store/counter for about $15 last time I checked. It will last you ages so its great value.

3. Tweezers. Applying with tweezers will give you a much better finish & makes it much easier.

4. Optional - More mascara. It helps to blend your lashes with the false lashes.

Now that you have what you need, watch the tutorial I mentioned earlier & have a go!

Here are some shots I took late at night when I got home. Next time I will go right into the inner corner of the eye. But they feel much more natural than regular false eyelashes & they have really fantastic staying power. Plus you don't get the hassle of hiding the band that you do with the one piece false lashes.

Over all, I recommend them greatly! Next time I will take pictures that aren't so dodgy & when I don't have massively bloodshot eyes! haha.
Want to know how to take them off? Watch this make up removal tutorial.
x Sunny x

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