Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Best of 2011 – Soft Skin

Buffy Bar (70g) $15.95 – from Lush

This was one of those random finds that you think ‘hmm I’ll give it a go & see what happens’ and then BAM! You’re blown away with how awesome it is. After washing yourself in the shower smooth away your bumpy bits with this bar made of ground almonds, rice and aduki beans while soft, scented cocoa butter melts into your skin. Rinse gently & pat dry. It’s a miracle worker & leaves your skin so soft & smooth. Another great thing about this product is that it is both an exfoliator AND a moisturiser, so you only need the one product! (Talk about recession busting your beauty cabinet!!).

Mango butter & grapefruit body butter (200g) $39.95 – from Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn’s deliciously scented body butter absorbs easily so you don’t get left with a greasy finish. To help protect against premature aging they’ve blended antioxidant Vitamin C rich mango butter with Shea butter, beeswax and olive oil and added grapefruit oil extract to help tone and tighten the skin. Great to use after the lemongrass & brown sugar scrub!

Lemongrass & Brown Sugar Botanical Body Scrub (250g) $39.95 – From Crabtree & Evelyn

This is another beautiful smelling product from Crabtree & Evelyn. It has a blend of lemon peel and brown sugar granules in varying sizes to gently refine and polish your skin, while lemongrass oil, Shea butter and almond oil tone, condition and nourish. I use this is the shower to avoid making a mess & then lightly rinse & pat your skin dry. The smell makes you feel like you’re on a tropical holiday!

Shea Body Butter (200ml) $27.95 – From The Body Shop

This is a great moisturiser that in my opinion has a really ‘clean’ smell. It lives in my bathroom during winter & I slather it on after a shower. The body shop has a whole range of Shea butter products with the same fragrance making sure you don’t ‘double up’ on scents.

Palmers Cocoa Butter (250ml) $7 – sold at most pharmacy’s and supermarkets

Cocoa butter is a product I have been using since high school. It’s terribly effective and extremely budget friendly. Plus, you’ll smell like chocolate! Haha. I keep it on my bedside table & use it on my dry areas before I go to bed.

Le Tan coconut lotion SPF 30+ (35ml) $11 – sold at most pharmacy’s and supermarkets

The true key to soft, smooth skin is using sunscreen!!!! The more you tan, the less soft & supple your skin becomes. Remember, tanning is skin cells in trauma & there’s no such thing as a healthy tan! If you want that ‘holiday glow’ buy it at a salon or in a bottle!

Now go forth & drive those boys crazy with your incredibly soft skin!



Shea Butter said...

My sister put me on to The Body Shop products. This body butter was the first I tried and I love it. Michigan winters are so dry that I'm always searching for something to keep my hands from cracking. I can use it all day long and I use all over my body too. Works great!

Who is Sunny? said...

I love it! The Body Shop has some really fantastoc quality products, and I love that they do what they promise!!