Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Best of 2011 – Bath Time!

Now there is nothing I find more relaxing & self indulgent than a warm big bath full of delicious bubbles that leaves your skin & your house smelling like a million dollars! If I'm feeling down or stressed from a long day, a bath is a great pick me up. Especially when you cant afford a new dress, haircut or facial to pick up your mood!

Milk Bath (250g) $13.95 – from The Body Shop
Milk bath is a fragrant milk powder that when added to bath water, turns a regular bath into an indulgent, creamy foam that cleanses, soothes and moisturises the skin.

Butterball $6.50 – from Lush
Drop this ball into your warm bath and the gorgeous fragrance of ylang ylang will release into the air while Fair Trade cocoa butter will gently melt into the water and soften your skin, making your bath turn a decadent milky white. After you’re done, your skin will smell sweet and feel as soft as silk.

Vanilla Fountain $7.95 – from Lush
Deep, rich and inspired by lavish English deserts. The result is a sweet, complex and deep aroma that stays on the skin for hours after the bath. If you want to give your house the same beautiful smell, leave your bathwater in for an hour or so after you’ve gotten out!

Honey Bee $7.95 – from Lush
This delicious bomb is made with a stripe of Moroccan Rhassoul mud straight from the Atlas Mountains where it is used traditionally as a skin and scalp treatment. They add aloe vera and honey into the mixture to soothe even the most sensitive and sun exposed skins and the sweet and delicious fragrance of caramel and toffee. Treat yourself to your very own relaxing mud and honey spa bath at home!

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar $7.50 – from Lush
Bubble bars are the new bubble bath. You crumble them up under the running water & voila, beautiful mounds of bubbles! Flosty Gritter is a vanilla cream bubble bath with iridescent pink sparkles to brighten up your day.

Ma Bar $8.50 – from Lush
Ma Bar creates a bath full of delicious toffee and chocolate bubbles that you’ll want to eat they smell so good. It’s also fantastic combined with the Vanilla Fountain bath ball (a trick given to me by a lady I met in a Lush store!).

Inspired by my own article, I went on an excursion to Lush & bought a a big new bag of bath bombs & bubble bars to enjoy in the next few weeks! Even as I write the smell of the Lush bag is enticing me to the bath tub...

x Sunny x

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