Sunday, 16 January 2011

Adriano Zumbo!

Yesterday three of my best friends & I went on an excursion to Adriano Zumbo's in Balmain (296 Darling Street, Balmain, NSW 2040) None of us had ever been to the famous patisserie before but had been dying to go for ages, after hearing stories & reading people's reviews. It was swelteringly hot so we were super glad that there was no line when we got there at 3pm.

Soosan looks at the delicious pastries in the front window. Pauline ended up getting a cinnamon scroll & she said it was absolutely delicious! (like you would expect any less from Adriano Zumbo haha).

The moment we walked in a massive line erupted behind us so we considered ourselves very lucky!

Soosan & Amanda were eagerly eyeing all the desserts but I went straight to the macaroons! The staff were friendly and happily answered our 20,000 questions!

We took our haul to a nearby cafe & promptly ordered lots of cold drinks & water! It was a true Australian Summer day. We all bought a couple bags of macaroons and Amanda & Soosan both got a dessert as well.

Above is Amanda's cookie & cream dessert which was a chocolate centre inside a cookies & cream chantilly cream, sandwiched between two cookies.

And this is what it looked like once we cut it in half to see what its innards looked like haha. It was so nice & cold on a hot day!

This was Soosan's dessert, a delicious top & base made of some kind of flaky pastry with a centre of delicious walnut flavoured custard! It was so delicious, but unfortunately not very photogenic hahaha.

We went back to Soosan's harbour side house (thank god for water breezes!) & shared out our macaroon haul, discussing the pros & cons of each flavour & deciding on our favourites. The flavours we tried (in order of deliciousness) were:

Butter Salted Caramel - OMG so good! The perfect balance between salty & sweet. Plus it had a deliciously strong caramel flavour.

Passionfruit & Basil - I only bought one of these because it just sounded like the most strange combination, but it was absolutely wonderful. You could taste both the passionfruit & the basil but without one overpowering the other.

Toasted Marshmallow - tastes just like a marshmallow. Very sweet & a definite vanilla taste.

Ginger beer - had a very strong ginger taste, but not overpowering.

Cinnamon - I am a cinnamon addict but this one just didn't live up to my expectations. Still yummy though, just not what I hoped for!

Peach Tea - I passed on this one as I'm not a big fan of peach, but the other girls said it tasted exactly like iced peach tea!

Macaroons we didn't try on the day: Banana, Carrot.


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hihihi thanks for delurking! mmm zumbo's salted butter caramel macaron is da bomb!