Monday, 6 December 2010

Madame Brussels, Melbourne

If you haven't been to Madame Brussels then you are crazy. It is a magical place of hope & wonder! I love it so much it makes my face hurt from smiling so much. We've been talking about going for a few years but never got around to it, so this year on our annual Melbourne trip we decided it was time to check it out & see if it lived up to the hype. Needless to say, it did indeed!

This was the sign we saw at the elevator, it made us laugh so hard we HAD to take the elevator up. However, if you're up to the three flights of stairs then I suggest doing it! We only braved them on our way down.

This is the view you see when the elevator doors open... a wondrous Alice in Wonderland style world awaits you!

The inside it decked out to look like the outside, complete with garden furniture & astro turf!

At first we sit inside but then we see the sun come out from behind the clouds & move to the balcony. Soosan fits in perfectly with the lady like surroundings!

The menu - We loved the part where it says "Upper Terrace - Fabulous for upskirting & down fronting!" hahaha. We unfortunately didn't get to go to the upper terrace as it was closed off for cleaning.

The outside - we went on a Monday afternoon so there were only a couple other tables of people.

Amanda being her usual pretty self!

Our jug of cocktails arrives... I don't remember which one it was, but the one with cherries in it! It was super delicious & whilst we only got the small jug ($30) it gave us each about 2 drinks.

The stairs to the upper terrace, which we unfortunately couldn't see. But next time we will definitely do some down fronting!! hahaha.

Soosan being charming as ever!

The poached chicken sandwiches ($10 per sandwich)... OMG the sandwiches. It MAY have been because we had already consumed many cocktails, but they were so delicious! They were crispy & soft & tangy! I'm definitely going to be trying to recreate them at home.

And because Amanda doesn't like cherries I got to eat all hers hahaha. Most enjoyable!!

I would thoroughly recommend going & checking it out! It is a must see in Melbourne. Whilst it's not on the cheep side, its not very expensive either - more of a once a quarter place! Highlights definitely include the waiters wearing tennis gear & the cupcakes at the bar that scream 'EAT ME!!!' in a very Alice in Wonderland way!

Madame Brussels is also open until late for after work drinks!

x Sunny x

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