Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bedroom Karma

Recently I have been working on what I’ve dubbed my ‘bedroom karma’ trying to create some positive bedroom energy. Having positive bedroom karma (or room-of-choice karma) relates to creating a harmonious environment that will attract the things you want to be in it. The reason I decided my bedroom karma needed an overhaul was to fall in line with my new early mornings.

I make my own hours at work so previously I was getting in at about 10am and leaving about 7pm. This is all fine & dandy if you have no extracurricular activities, but alas I do… and lots of them. So I did the grown up thing & as part of my August Challenge began adjusting my body clock so that now I get in to work at 7.30am and can leave at 4pm (talk about living the good life! Hahaha) which leaves me far more time to spend with my man, my family & of course my main ladies. Now we can fit in much more hot chocolate & dumplings!!

What I personally wanted to draw into my room was good energy, especially surrounding getting a good night’s sleep & making it my sanctuary. I focused on creating a clean, bright space with no clutter & any necessary ugliness out of sight. My motto was I wanted to walk into my room & feel safe, happy & comfortable. I want the room to be a true reflection of me.

So if you’re thinking of improving your bedroom karma here is my step-by-step guide:

1. Walk in to your room. Make a note of everything you love. Now make a note of everything you hate. Write down things that you want in your room & things you want to get rid of. Also make some notes on how you want to feel when you walk into your bedroom & what you can do to make that happen. Now you have a guideline – see, wasn’t that easy?
2. Throw out anything you no longer want, I would recommend donating anything you don’t want (but is still in good condition) to your local Vinnie’s store or charity/second hand shop of your choice. Now go buy a nice box or storage container. Fill this box with the things you want to keep, but want out of your room. Store these somewhere out of sight & out of your way. Look around. At this point you’re probably starting to feel better.

3. Now fix anything that's broken in there. Yes, even burnt out light bulbs. You may need a tall, handsome man to do this. Topless. You bedroom karma is going up by the second.

4. Create a space that calms you. Personally I find white to be my calming colour, which also works well with the huge amount of natural light I have in my apartment. To me it symbolises clean & simple areas. This is what I find relaxing, but may make someone else edgy like their stuck in an asylum when they sleep, so play around with it & see what you come up with. Have a look at bed sheets, pillows & throws and figure out something that you find pleasing. Utilise different fabrics & textures to give the room some depth. You want this room to be a den of comfort & sexiness.

Here are some notes to concentrate on:

The main event – Start with the main point of the whole room: the bed. Please don’t tell me you're sleeping on a single bed. Every adult should have at least a double bed, even if they're sleepin' solo. Heck, if you have the space and money go all out & buy yourself a roomy king sized bed. Your future lovers will adore you for it. If you're still sleeping on a mattress from a previous marriage or long-term relationship... kill it. Or just throw it out, whatever takes your fancy. Change the sheets and pillows, too. It’s time for a fresh start. And nothing feels quite as good as sleeping on new pillows!

Bedroom activities – The only activities you should be doing in your bedroom should be sleeping or having special adult time (if you know what I mean). Is your computer/home office in your bedroom? You need to give serious thought to moving it out. Put it in your living room if you don't have a spare bedroom. That way, when you finish with business (or facebook, you’re not fooling anyone sitting there looking busy), you can leave it. Same goes with exercise equipment...when's the last time you really used that Ab King Pro? I thought so. Move it out. You don’t want your body to associate your bedroom with work or daunting exercise.

Possessions with bad vibes – If you’re still holding on to pictures of ex’s or old momentos of past relationships you need to get that stuff out. This room is all about you (& your current partner, if there is one), not failed relationships or old baggage. Put it all in a box & hide it somewhere. Preferably a place your lover won’t ever find it – learn from my mistakes people.

The smell of success – You need to put some careful thought into how you want your room to smell. You’re not 14 anymore so there is no excuse for it to smell like a teenager’s room. Open a window once in a while, put in some scented candles or get an air freshener. Either way, sort that shit out.

Don’t make it too feminine or masculine – lots of women can fall into the trap of making a room too feminine. Generally, if a man lives there or you want him to ever think of living there, no pink. Ever. No frilly things, no stuffed bears (as I previously mentioned, you’re not 14 anymore – you’re an adult, anyone displaying stuffed animals in their bedroom past the age of 18 is strange & should not be trusted) and especially no weird figurines or dolls that stare at you – people will think you’re a serial killer. However, don’t over compensate by making it too manly or devoid of personality either. This is your room & you (& perhaps your partner) will be living here – so try find a happy balance. If you can, create a ladyboy room – you’re not sure of its gender, but you’re a little jealous by how attractive it is.

Now go forth & increase your bedroom karma!! Sunny xx

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Saxby said...

My bedroom Karma is currently excellent. Should be seeing results any moment now.