Sunday, 1 August 2010

The August Challenge

This is the point of the year when I have completed all my new year’s resolutions and start to feel a bit like I’m just floating around. I’m the kind of person that thrives on organisation & makes endless lists of things of things I want, need and have to finish. From that ‘floaty’ feeling came the idea of the August Challenge. Essentially it is to help you get your life in order. You can base it around absolutely anything!

To get started: Grab a pen and paper, make a pot of tea and sit in a sunny place. Think about what you would like to do/change/improve on/try on/challenge yourself with & start jotting down your main ideas.

Next step, break it up into four parts/weeks. This is what I have come up with for myself:

Week 1 – Cleansing my world
In week 1 I will ‘cleanse’ my environment. This involves:

• Clearing out my closet and putting it into 3 piles – keep, donate to charity/give to my sisters and throw away. Alternately, if you were a little cash strapped you could sell your unwanted clothes and shoes on eBay. If your struggling with the thought of giving away that dress you always wanted to wear but never have because it doesn’t sit right – try putting it in a box at the back of your wardrobe, then if you haven’t worn it/missed it in 6 months send it to the bin (or your sisters closet!).
• Put things I want to keep, but don’t want cluttering my house, into boxes & storing them.
• Making an inventory of things I have but don’t use – for instance, I am crazy about baths. I get given loads of bath stuff (which I love!!!) that I put into my bathroom & don’t use, then I go and buy some new product. So for August I’m implementing a ‘don’t-buy-it-unless-you-need-it’ rule.
• Cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. I am ALL about cooking. I love it, I find it very Zen. Because of this, I own sooo many strange kitchen utensils and machines. So in the first week of August my kitchen will get an overhaul to make sure I’m using the space I’ve got in the most optimum way.

Week 2 – Cooking Up a Storm
Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to cook. And one of the things I’ve found that makes it even better is teaching my (teenage) siblings how to cook. It gives me so much joy seeing them enjoy it! Cooking is also a great way to teach kids about planning & organisation. So for week 2 I will be trying at least 7 new recipes.

Week 3 – Physical Wellbeing
Week 3 will centre on being healthy and taking care of my physical wellbeing. It will involve all sorts of fun things like:

• Exercising more – I’m a swimmer and winter has put a serious stop to me heading to the pool! So finding alternative winter-friendly activities is a must. At the moment hooping and Zumba are at the top of my list!
• Facials, exfoliation & generally indulging my skin is some all-around good times!
• Being in bed by 9.30 on week days – getting your beauty sleep is very important! I’m amazed my body has let me get away with so many all-nighters and minimal recovery hours, but I’m not going to push my luck any longer!
• Drinking as much water as I can by replacing coffee & juice with water.

Week 4 – Inner wellbeing
Like giving your soul a nice warm bubble bath. Week 4 is all about locating your inner Zen. I’ll be exploring things like meditation & ‘tapping’ as well as discussing the topic with a range of different people who I consider either very Zen or nowhere near Zen!

So if you feel like your life could use some dusting then join me! I’d love to hear about your challenge & how you’re going to maximise your life!

Love Sunny xx

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