Sunday, 3 January 2010

Melbourne Birthday Adventures! -Shopping

Our shopping adventures were mostly on Chapel Street in Melbourne - and with good reason. With nearly everything on that one long road, there was barely any reason to leave! Monique, Maya & I shopped while Arya & Pauline did lovebird activities - a good trade!

Maya & Monique pose outside the MAC store - always a favourite!!

Like i previously mentioned, one of the best parts of Melbourne is the graffiti art down every lane!

Maya loved it so she decided to do a freeze next to it,

Monique & I chillaxing in Ed hardy. Comfy lounges - not very helpful staff...

An adventure in Nobody Jeans... Maya tries on just about every pair in the store while Monique & I give her an Australian Idol style rating on them.
The shop assistant was touching Maya's butt but quickly removed his hand when he heard the camera haha. Look at his guilty face... In comparison - the Nobody staff were extremely helpful & interesting & funny whereas the Ed Hardy staff were arrogant & unhelpful.

Maya plays to her 'Nobody Loves Me' bag.

Photo booth down a random alley? Yes please!

Monique sits on their 'art' haha

We take a break from our shopping & grab some coffee & cookie fuelled energy!

Melbourne has the best range of boutique shoe shops. We spent many hours browsing & buying & generally fuelling the Melbourne economy!

Pauline & I find some interesting books....

There was also a good one called 'So you think you cat is gay....'

Maya & Monique check out some hi-tops.

This store brought on an amazing burst of your senses! It had dried chilli's & garlic & lavender hanging from every possible surface - not to mention loads of fresh flowers & fruit & vegetables. I felt like I'd died & gone to foodie heaven!

Me & Pauline!

Monique finds a tape dispenser that looks like an audio tape.

Maya finds a book telling her how to 'roll the 35 greatest joints of all time' haha.

Maya dressed as Where's Wally & her ninja sword umbrella. Definitely an awesome umbrella!

Our hot ride.

Maya, Monique & I wait for Pauline & Arya on a bench... our feet hurt but our wallets are still not empty enough!

Maya looks for Condom Kingdom ('Maya, its behind you!' followed by a 'what she said' haha)

By chance we meet every geeks fantasy - Star Wars characters. They were promoting the Star Wars Convention/exhibition that was on - we would have gone, but we were either asleep, shopping or dancing.

There's nothing like a man in a robe first thing in the morning!

Arya gets a talking to by the storm trooper. I also have a picture where he's looking down my top - but i thought I'd save that to show to the grand kids haha.

Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable weather, Pauline & I try to save our hair & ourselves with some retro scarf tying.

Maya & I venture off on our own & finally find the Forever New Mega store. We took this picture for Monique who was looking for it the whole week! I looovve Forever New!
Happy shopping!
x Sunny x

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