Sunday, 10 January 2010

Making Your Grass Greener

Green by Pink Sherbert Photography

If I'm being honest, I'm sick to death of all the pressure to go green. Its especially annoying since I live in an apartment in the middle of Sydney which means that solar power from panels & rain water tanks are completely out of the question for me. But on the other hand, I love my planet & I want to help make a better place for my family & future generations.

In one of my recent green-related-soul-searches I was shocked to realise how little I knew about being green & how many people around me were doing it. One weekend whilst visiting my Uruguayan grandparents I realised that they were the greenest people I know. My Grandparents are old school, they don't believe in throwing anything out & they reuse just about everything. Their very large lot in the heart of suburbia is filled to bursting with massive vegetable gardens, herb gardens, rows upon rows of fruit trees, the big rain water tank (that our soccer balls always end up on top of) & a huge compost heap. They produce as much of their own food as possible & its delicious.

I love visiting them for many reasons - my Grandmothers cooking (she's absolutely magical in the kitchen), playing soccer between the fruit trees & picking fresh food from the garden (but mostly just stealing their strawberries!). My Grandfather is the McGyver of Sydney – he can create anything you need from materials he finds in his shed & the recycling. But what dawned on me recently was the fact that they didn't do it because it was 'green', that's just the way they were raised. Get as much value out of the things you buy & your land. That's when I realised what most people probably already know - being green is also being frugal & in this economic climate I had to ask myself 'why not?'.

From that thought started the journey of greening my life for the sake of the Australian economy & my planet. Or Making my Grass Greener as it was later named.

My previous idea of being green was buying reusable shopping bags from Coles & Woolworths, which I would always forget & then have to buy some more which means that I now own about 500 green bags haha. On a side note, they were very handy for moving house!

I started doing some research on making my life greener. Taking into account that I live in an apartment in Sydney & my life is ruled by the Strata board who tell me what I can and cannot put on my balcony & in my house.

I was honestly amazed at all the things I could be doing & that wouldn't change my lifestyle to a huge degree – because lets face it, going all green from the start is like starting a diet where you only eat peas all day, sounds like a good idea at the time but its not long before you decide you hate peas and never want to eat them again. So I started making a list & generally trying to learn more about being green. This list & the lessons learnt from my grandparents are how I'm going to start my journey!

So tell me - how do you green your life? What are your tips & tricks for a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

Sunny xx

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