Friday, 1 January 2010

Melbourne Birthday Adventures! Nightlife Pt2

As I previously mentioned, one of the most fabulous things about Melbourne is the street art. It's everywhere & it's an integral part of what makes Melbourne the artistic & creative city it is.

These were statues of business men at an intersection/crossing which we only noticed when Arya went up to one to ask it directions, before realising it was a statue haha.

Maya poses on the ledge below the china town arch.

The Gaylord restaurant. Juvenile, but still hilarious.

Personally, my favourite part of Melbourne is the graffiti. In Melbourne the graffiti on the walls is art that improves the area, unlike Sydney where graffiti is people who just tag (write their names) on everything & ugly up the beautiful architecture or features.

Monique demonstrates what ugly 'tagging' looks like.

Our favourite graffiti was in the alley ways in the entrance of The Croft Institute.

My beautiful girls!

Maya & Pauline originally thought this was a condom until i pointed out it was a spray can haha.

Monique gets physical with the nurse.

Maya does surprise with such skill!

Maya was tired of posing & Pauline was helping Arya get some unusual pictures.

We thought this was oddly applicable to our group :)

Pauline & I make a striking pair haha.
OK so finally we arrived at The Croft Institute which is an old mental hospital & uber creepy (but awesome at the same time!).
The Croft Institute is found well off the beaten track, down dark alley ways in China Town. Nearly impossible to find without a map, getting there is half of the experience as you wander past street art covered walls for about twenty minutes (or an hour and a half if your picture whores like us) thinking you've gone in the wrong direction & that this place looks too creepy to be a hot nightspot. But hey, if it's not down the end of an alley off an alley these days, a major coolness factor is lost.
Thankfully, to make up for the fact that you've just spent the last hour walking around the block lost, there's normally strange things going on down the lane leading to the bar that are good for a laugh & make for great 'This one time in Melbourne..." stories.
A funny side story is that whilst looking for The Croft Institute (without a map, because we thought 'hey, were on holidays, lets make like the Melbourne tourism advertising campaign & get lost in Melbourne!) we actually found this awesome place called Container Bar which was literally a party that broke out in a shipping container & was so awesome it stayed. In Melbourne, even the things you stumble upon are interesting & compelling!

The Croft Institute is littered with medical instruments & has really effectively kept the 'creepy' vibe. My favourite part is the drinks that come in test tubes & shots that come in syringes. Monique's least favourite part was the themed bathrooms - she described them as disturbing & not to be entered alone.

One of the freaky shots we took where it looks like Pauline is sitting next to a ghost.

Pauline & Monique make a break for it!

After all our fun at The Croft Institute the only place that was sure to be any good in the early hours of a Tuesday morning was Crown Casino. But the walk there was equally as fun! Melbourne is just such a visually dynamic city!
And the architecture is five different kinds of fabulous!

Finally we reached the Crown Casino... let me just say WOW. It puts Sydney's Star City Casino to absolute shame! Crown is just extravagant & beautiful & massive & filled with loads of friendly bouncers who showed us where everything was & helped us with out jackets!

I have to admit that once we got into Crown my camera went away & we spent the night dancing & drinking until dawn! Met some fun people, a group of boys saved Pauline & I from some creepy Indian men that stalked us & The bar tenders gave us some free drinks!
Interested? What are you waiting for? Go adventuring!!
x Sunny x

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