Thursday, 31 December 2009

Melbourne Birthday Adventures! Nightlife Pt1

OK so our first night in Melbourne we did some on foot exploring to find all these elusive pubs & clubs people have told us about.

Of course we mentally noted where the Lindt cafe was so we could come back later (which we did, we all LOVE the ice cream & macaroons there).

Maya & Pauline went so far as to say they loved it so much they would eat the sign. My favourite part was that it was right next to Tiffany & Co.

The thing I love about Melbourne is that its the kind of place where stumbling upon a giant purse aka artwork is totally commonplace & not cause for anyone but us touristy types to stop & take a picture.

One of the best restaurants in Melbourne is Stalactites. Our friend's husband owns it & its the best thing that has ever hit the Greek quarter!

Maya (aka my Wifey) poses for me while we wait for our food.

Pauline laughing at something hilarious Arya said... more than likely a dad joke but that's why we like him :)

Arya feigns surprise at my statement that I wasn't expecting Stalactites to be any good... I was happy to be proven wrong!!

Our next adventures brought us to Silk Road. And can i just say OMG!! It was unbelievably beautiful! We came early because Arya & Pauline were meeting an old friend so Maya & I decided we would explore & make friends with the bar tenders (as we do haha).

Pauline joins us at the bar & we take our classic head shot. I have one of these from just about every night out I've ever had haha.

Maya & I agree that our favourite part of Silk Road was Cracka-Lackin Chris the bar tender who spent the night making us his favourite drinks & then giving them to us for free! He also told us what the best places were & how to get there & get in.

This was one of the many chandeliers. It made me giggle because of its phallic shape hehe.

These two places had to be included in the highlights because we raved about them for days after - don't believe me? Have a look at Silk Road's Website or Stalactites Website & go see for yourself!

x Sunny x

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