Monday, 26 May 2008

Pamela's Order- Baby Shower for Tina & Vik

This is the triple decker milk and white chocolate layered mud cake I made for Pamela who hosted her friends joint baby showers.

Top Layer - Milk Chocolate Mud Cake
Middle Layer - White Chocolate Mud Cake
Bottom Layer - Milk Chocolate Mud Cake

The writing and hearts are piped in white chocolate and the icing is milk chocolate. Mmmm chocolate.

And these are the cupcakes... my pride and joy is forever cupcakes! These are Vanilla Butter Cake, made without eggs by request, and they were made in half sized cupcake tins (bigger than mini but smaller than regular size... confusing i know!).

The blue layer:

The pink layer:

A close up of the sugar paste bows...

Pink Cupcake Decorations: sugar paste birds, pink cachous, Pink sparkle sugar, white sprinkles and sugar paste bows. All on top of vanilla icing.

Blue Cupcake Decorations: White chocolate stars (coloured blue), Sugar paste birds, sugar paste bows, blue sparkle sugar and white sprinkles. All on top of vanilla icing.

These photo's aren't the best as my camera is out of action and these were taken on my mobile camera. I'll get better ones the moment mine is fixed :)


Lyndee said...

Beautiful cakes---hope they taste as good as they look.

Sunny said...

well, i did sneak one so i can say at least i enjoyed them! :)