Monday, 16 November 2015

Easy Potato Gem Breakfast Hash

Easy breakfast hash with poached eggs

I had to share this recipe (if you can call it that – its soooooo easy) because I recently made it for a friend and she demanded I give her the full run down of how it’s done. So here is my recipe for what feels like the worlds easiest breakfast hash using leftover potato gems!

Ingredients (for two people):
2 handfuls of leftover potato gems (known as tater tots in America), chopped into quarters.

Note – I cooked my potato gems with rosemary and garlic salt the night before, but for this recipe I will include them as ingredients assuming you cooked yours only according to packet directions.

½ tsp dried rosemary, or 1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary
1 pinch of garlic salt
4 rashers of bacon, chopped
2-4 eggs (depending on personal preference)

Optional extras: Pepper to taste, finely grated parmesan, chopped chives or parsley

1.Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large fry pan on medium-high heat. Add the chopped bacon and cook until it starts to brown.

2.Add the potato gems, garlic salt and rosemary to the pan, cooking until the potato starts to crisp up. I like my potato bits to be the same size as my bacon pieces so I use the back of my spatula to give it a gentle smoosh to break up the big pieces now and then.

3.Once the potato and bacon are as crispy as you want them – I like mine more crisp than soft, Dale likes his less crispy – you have three options:

  • Top with poached eggs (you can put the hash in the oven on low to stay warm while you poach your eggs). This is my preferred method.
  • Push the hash to the sides of the pan and fry your eggs in the middle. 
  • Scramble your eggs in a separate bowl then add to the hash mixture. Cook until the eggs are done to your liking.

4.Regardless of how you cook your eggs, I like to finish it the same way – plate up then top with a sprinkle of chives or parsley and a bit of finely grated parmesan cheese. Season with pepper.


Monday, 9 November 2015

My Wedding - The Bachelorette Party

I’m finally getting around to doing a wrap up of my wedding – I know, it’s been like 6 months and I’m the worst blogger ever. But life is fun, and collating links is often not so fun! So here is a run-down of what I did for my bachelorette party (or hens night as some call it). I’m not much of a party animal so it was fairly tame, but a fantastic night!

Yesterday's bachelorette party outfit. While eating a chocolate bar haha

What I wore: City Chic strappy singlet top, Kmart black skater skirt, ASOS Curve suspended stockings, Target black belt with gold studs. I also wore a black Glasson’s cardigan when it got cold (it was autumn after all!).

We stayed the night at the QT hotel which was wonderful other than the fact that our lovely huge bath tub didn’t work! And I didn’t find out until the early hours of the morning when I came home and wanted to soak my sore feet. I was devastated, and that is mostly because I was a bit drunk.

Showing off my cocktail making skills! (Not really, I kept getting distracted by shiny things 😂) #lildarlin #lildarlincocktailbar #bacheloretteparty #hensnightsydney

We started the night at a cocktail class at Little Darlin Bar in Darlinghurst. It was a GREAT class, and such good value, I think it cost us $60 per person for the class and you got 3 extra cocktails after the class ended and some food to nibble on during the class. I would recommend this to the moon and back. It was easy to organise, fun and over all good value.

I am so hungover right now 😭

The manager Francesco (left) was a delight to book with and he made sure everything went smoothly on the night. Yes, I wore a sash and a tiara that said “bride to be” but I put a blanket ban on penis paraphernalia. It’s just not my style!

#qtsydney #parlourlane #parlourlaneroasters had the prettiest lights! And it was #mariescrisis night which meant it was absolutely packed!

Later in the evening we met up with the Bachelor party (or bucks night as some call it) at Parlour Lane Roasters Рthe caf̩ for our hotel that turns into the most adorable retro bar on Friday & Saturday nights. There were women dressed in fabulous retro dresses with immaculate victory rolls everywhere. It was heaven!

This is what Dale had to wear for his bucks night, a floral suit and a pink bow tie lol. He totally rocked it.

Dale’s brothers bought him a special floral suit and pink bow tie to wear on the night (I kept saying he looks like some sort of children’s entertainer) and everyone wanted pictures with him. Once we combined the party we moved to my Brother-in-law’s bar for karaoke and spent the night laughing with our friends & family.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Easy Nutella Lava Cake

Nutella lava cake w milo

4 tablespoons self raising flour
1 tablespoon sugar
3 tablespoons Milo
3 tablespoons Nutella
1 egg  - or - 1 tablespoon Chia seeds and 4 tablespoons water
4 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons olive oil

If using chia seeds instead of egg - In a small or mug, combine the chia seed and water. Mix well and let sit for a minute. The chia seeds will absorb some of the water and make a gelatinous paste.

1. Combine the flour, sugar and milo in a small mixing bowl. Add the egg or chia mix, milk and oil to the flour mixture and mix well.
2. Add the nutella to the bowl and mix until fully combined.
3. Divide between 4 ramekins or bowls. You can cover and refrigerate the mixture for up to 3 days.
4. When ready to serve - cook each bowl for 40 seconds (may be more or less depending on your microwave) in the microwave on high. I like mine still kind of gooey, but cook it to your preference.

Top with vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Nutella lava cake

Friday, 30 October 2015

Office Wear October - Out of my comfort zone

Weekend style wearing this schoolgirl-esque dress I borrowed from @curvesinacardigan (she has the best stuff!). Also wearing #citychiconline tights & belt, #payless shoes. Cardigan will be added for extra warmth because damn it's cold here!

I shared this outfit on instagram a couple of months ago. It was a dress gifted to me by my friend Rachael. I immediately saw the high neck line and thought "oh hell no". You see, I very rarely wear high cut tops or dresses - I have a real thing about fabrics touching my neck area, it makes me feel like I'm being strangled. But then I thought "this dress would make an adorable work outfit!" and my phobias dried up. See guys, the power of a good dress!

Sometimes I make ridiculous poses to annoy my photographer (@curvesinacardigan) haha

I paired the super short dress with a pair of city chic wide band tights, a Target laser cut out belt and a pair of oxford heels. I topped it off with a black cardigan (because it was winter and I was cold) and felt very 'sexy librarian' or 'sexy school girl'.

And a shot from the back. This winter I am loving the combo of tights & mini dresses 👌

Sometimes its worth busting out of your fashion comfort zone to try a new style. Every now and then its a victory for clothing everywhere and opens up a whole new world of style. I know I fell in love with the adorable collar of this dress - now to find something similar in a longer cut for summer!

Credits: Hair by Hybrid Hair Pennant Hills, dress from ASOS I believe (gift from a friend), tights from City Chic, shoes from Payless, belt from Target.

Sydney Curvettes Monthly Fashion Challenge List 2015

Sydney Curvettes is a Facebook community for women size 14+ who live (or spend time) in NSW, Australia. If you wold like information on other Aussie and NZ communities for plus size women, you can always email me and I'll try to help!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Office Wear October - Give Me Comfort

I thought I would start my Office Wear October posts by delving into my personal history of work outfits. I work in an office environment with a slightly more relaxed dress code. I find some days I wake up wanting to dress-to-impress, and other days I couldn’t care less what I put on my body as long as it’s comfortable. I figure most women have this yo-yo feeling towards work fashion, switching between stylish and “I can’t be fucked”.

Today I’m focusing on my quick, easy and comfortable outfits. These are all outfits I have worn to work (in some cases probably too many times) and I can rely on to carry me through the day without a problem.

My winter wardrobe is pretty heavy on the black & greys at the moment. It's probably because I have zero fucks to give on cold mornings before work haha. But either way, this Target longline cardigan is my go-to. It's soft, versatile and doesn't leave gre

Outfit 1 - Long line cardigan from Target, long line basic black top from 17 Sundays, City Chic tights, Rubi Shoes boots.

Navy & grey for this overcast weather. Cannot wait until it's warm again!! ☔️

Outfit 2 - Glassons navy cardigan, Target black singlet, Target grey ponte pants, Payless black knee high boots.

Black & white for Monday.

Outfit 3 - Target black round neck long sleeve tee, Target black ponte leggings, Glassons cardigan and Rubi Shoes boots.

Work outfit of the day. I really didn't want to leave bed this morning so opted for reliable and super comfortable pieces.   Who else is just completely baffled by this autumn weather? It's freezing one day and boiling the next! So hard to plan for!

Outfit 4 - City Chic red bird cardigan, Target black singlet, Target grey ponte pants, Rubi Shoes brown loafers.

Another new purchase featuring black & white. I wore this to work yesterday & for dinner with my in-laws. Wearing #target jumper & #dorothyperkins jeggings. Both super comfy!

Outfit 5 - Black and white jumper from Target, Dorothy Perkins black jeggings.

Rocking out my superman colours at work.   Wearing: Navy #citychic top // red #glassons cardigan // thick grey #target tights.

Outfit 6 - City Chic navy 3/4 sleeve top, Glassons red cardigan, Target grey ponte pants.

As you can see, I use the same elements over and over again- the ponte pants I love from Target, basic black singlets and long sleeve tops, statement or block colour cardigans. These are my safety zone clothes. I feel good in them and they work every time.

Extras: Phone case is from Casetify. Pink nail polish in first three pictures is Color Club (the raspberry scented polish). Hair colour by Hybrid Hair Salon Pennant Hills.

  Sydney Curvettes Monthly Fashion Challenge List 2015

Sydney Curvettes is a Facebook community for women size 14+ who live (or spend time) in NSW, Australia. If you wold like information on other Aussie and NZ communities for plus size women, you can always email me and I'll try to help!